Can A Beginner Use A Babolat Pure Drive? (Fully Explained)

7 August 2023

The Babolat Pure Drive is a popular tennis racket that has attracted the attention of many players worldwide, both professional and recreational. Given its reputation for power and spin-friendly design, beginners might wonder if it is the right choice for them as they begin their tennis journey.

This article will explore whether a Babolat Pure Drive is suitable for beginners, delving into the racket's features, performance, and playability from a novice's perspective.

Understanding the Babolat Pure Drive and its capabilities is crucial for beginners to determine if it is the ideal racket to support their growth in the sport. Along with highlighting its various features, we will also compare the Pure Drive against alternative rackets on the market to provide a broader understanding of available options.

Furthermore, the article will touch upon expert opinions and player testimonials that can offer valuable insights into the racket's performance for beginners.

Key takeaways:

  • The Babolat Pure Drive is a popular, powerful, and spin-friendly tennis racket.
  • Beginners should consider the racket's features, performance, and playability in relation to their skill level.
  • Comparing the Pure Drive with alternative rackets and gathering expert opinions can help make an informed decision.

Babolat Pure Drive: An Overview

Babolat Pure Drive 2021

The Babolat Pure Drive is a widely popular and versatile tennis racket, designed for players seeking a balance of power, control, spin, and stability.

Its latest iteration, the 2021 model, has maintained its signature attributes while incorporating a few enhancements to improve performance and comfort on the court.

The power of the Babolat Pure Drive comes from its unique frame construction. This design includes the HTR system, providing a different layup for increased power without sacrificing control. Furthermore, the racket employs SWX Pure Feel, a viscoelastic rubber material strategically placed between the carbon layers to enhance comfort and reduce vibrations.

Players can expect a remarkable amount of spin with the Babolat Pure Drive. The racket's launch angle is quite high, and as a result, players are encouraged to generate heavy topspin on their shots. This creates a challenging blend of power and spin for opponents to handle.

The Babolat Pure Drive offers a blend of attributes that make it suitable for a diverse range of playing styles.

These include:

  1. Power - A combination of frame design and materials ensures that players strike the ball with ample force.
  2. Control - The racket's design enables precise shot placement while maintaining power.
  3. Spin - Hitting heavy topspin is encouraged with the launch angle, adding an extra layer of challenge for the opponent.
  4. Balance - A well-rounded and reliable racket for those seeking stability on the court.

With these features in mind, it may be evident that the Babolat Pure Drive is an attractive option for various players. One might wonder if a beginner can adequately utilize this racket and its advantages. This question opens up a broader discussion regarding the best equipment for beginners and how the Babolat Pure Drive can potentially suit their needs.

Understanding the Racket's Features

Babolat Pure Drive 98

Weight and balance:

The Babolat Pure Drive is designed with a weight that caters to beginners and intermediate players. The racket possesses a manageable weight and balance, allowing novice players to comfortably generate power and control while learning the game.

The lighter frame enables beginners to easily maneuver the racket and develop their skills without undue stress on their arms.


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Stiffness and feel:

Babolat Pure Drive rackets exhibit a moderate level of stiffness, contributing to a comfortable and forgiving feel for beginners. The stiffness can provide a solid and stable feel, enabling players to create power with accurate control.

This aspect of the racket is quite important for new players as it allows them to develop their technique and gradually adapt to various shot styles.

Frame and string pattern:

The Babolat Pure Drive features an open 16 x 19 string pattern, which encourages greater topspin generation. The open string pattern increases the potential for spin on shots, which can be useful for beginners learning to master the art of adding spin to their groundstrokes.

The frame design, combined with the string pattern, enhances the overall performance of the racket, making it suitable for beginner players.

Head size and sweet spot:

A larger head size can be beneficial for beginner players as it offers a larger sweet spot. With a more generous sweet spot, there's an increased likelihood of hitting powerful shots and reducing the occurrence of mishits.

The Babolat Pure Drive has a head size that caters to beginner players, providing ample room for error while allowing players to grow in skill and confidence.

In summary, the Babolat Pure Drive offers features that cater well to beginner players, such as manageable weight and balance, a moderately stiff frame, an open string pattern, and a larger head size with a generous sweet spot. These features make it a suitable option for novice players looking to develop their skills and enhance their game.

Performance and Playability for Beginners

The Babolat Pure Drive is a popular tennis racket choice among players at varying skill levels. However, it's essential to evaluate if it's appropriate for beginners in terms of performance and playability. This section will discuss aspects such as ease of use, comfort, power, specs, and swing speed.

Beginners in tennis generally benefit from rackets that provide a larger sweet spot, allowing for better control and power in their shots. The Babolat Pure Drive has a head size of 100 square inches, which falls in the recommended range for beginners to optimize striking accuracy.

When it comes to ease of use and comfort, the Babolat Pure Drive is a mixed bag. On the one hand, the racket is relatively easy to swing and provides a decent power level. This can quickly result in impressive shots and improved confidence for beginners. However, the racket might be challenging for some beginners due to its weight of around 300g.

Swing speed is another vital aspect to consider for novice players. A lighter racket can enable beginners to develop proper technique and improve their swing speed. The Babolat Pure Drive's weight might be a hindrance in this regard, but it ultimately depends on the individual player's preference and physical capabilities.

In terms of performance, the Babolat Pure Drive has a few noteworthy features. It utilizes HTR (High Torsional Rigidity) technology, leading to an increased energy return. This means that each shot will have the potential for more power, which can be advantageous for beginners looking to improve their game.

To sum up, the Babolat Pure Drive has its pros and cons for beginner tennis players. The racket offers a generous sweet spot, substantial power, and solid performance. However, its weight might not be optimal for every beginner, especially those looking to improve their swing speed or requiring a lighter, more comfortable option.

Babolat Pure Drive: Pros And Cons

The Babolat Pure Drive is a popular tennis racket that caters to a wide range of players. In this section, we will discuss the various pros and cons of using this racket, specifically from a beginner's perspective.


  1. Power: The Babolat Pure Drive is known for its powerful shot-making capabilities. The racket's HTR system helps generate more power, making it easier for beginners to hit deeper shots with minimal effort.
  2. Forgiveness: Due to its large sweet spot, the Pure Drive offers a great deal of forgiveness on off-center hits. This feature is beneficial for beginners as they are still developing their shot accuracy.
  3. Versatility: The Pure Drive is a versatile racket suitable for both singles and doubles play. Beginners can use this racket to develop various aspects of their game without feeling restricted by the racket's capabilities.


  1. Stiffness: The Babolat Pure Drive is known for its stiffness. While the 2021 version of the racket includes the SWX Pure Feel technology for added comfort, some players still find the stiffness to be overwhelming, leading to potential arm discomfort.
  2. Control: The power-oriented nature of the Pure Drive may result in a lack of control for some players, especially beginners who are still working on their ball placement and shot selection.
  3. Price: While an excellent option for players, the cost of the Pure Drive might be a bit high for someone who is just starting their tennis journey.

To summarize, the Babolat Pure Drive offers numerous benefits, such as power, forgiveness, and versatility, that make it suitable for beginners. However, its stiffness, control, and price could be potential drawbacks for some players.

Comparing Pure Drive With Alternative Rackets

In this section, we will explore how the Babolat Pure Drive compares with other popular Babolat rackets, specifically, the Pure Aero and Pure Strike, focusing on aspects such as comfort, stability, and performance with RPM Blast strings.

Pure Aero:

Babolat Pure Aero 98

The Babolat Pure Aero is known for its excellent spin potential and power. It shares the same easy playability as the Babolat Pure Drive, making it suitable for players of different skill levels.

Comparing these rackets side by side reveals some differences:

  • Comfort: Both rackets provide comfort on the court. However, the Pure Aero may be slightly more comfortable due to its softer vibrations during impact.
  • Stability: The Pure Aero offers stability during off-centered shots, a feature that is also present in the Babolat Pure Drive 2021.
  • RPM Blast: When strung with RPM Blast strings, both rackets provide enhanced power, spin, and control. The Pure Aero might generate more spin due to its aerodynamic design.

Pure Strike:

Babolat Pure Strike 16/19

Another alternative to the Babolat Pure Drive is the Babolat Pure Strike. This racket targets players seeking control and precision without sacrificing power.

Comparing it to the Pure Drive, a few key aspects stand out:

  • Comfort: While both rackets are comfortable for a wide range of players, the Pure Strike has a slightly stiffer frame which may be less comfortable for some beginners.
  • Stability: The Pure Strike offers exceptional stability due to its beam construction, making it comparable to the stable feel of the Pure Drive.
  • RPM Blast: When paired with RPM Blast strings, the Pure Strike offers excellent levels of control and precision while maintaining decent power and spin.

In summary, the Babolat Pure Drive, Pure Aero, and Pure Strike cater to different preferences and playing styles while offering comfort, stability, and performance. A beginner may consider trying each of these rackets to find the best fit for their game.

Expert Opinions and Player Testimonials

The Babolat Pure Drive has been in the hands of notable professional players, including Garbiñe Muguruza and Fabio Fognini, further exemplifying its appeal and performance.

Garbiñe Muguruza:

Garbine Muguruza

The two-time Grand Slam champion and former world number 1 has been using the Babolat Pure Drive for most of her career. Her aggressive and powerful playing style benefits from the racket's blend of power and spin, allowing her to dictate points effectively.

Fabio Fognini:

Fabio Fognini

The charismatic Italian player, known for his impressive shot-making abilities, also prefers the Babolat Pure Drive. With an ATP ranking as high as 9, Fognini's choice of racket attests to its versatility and adaptability on different court surfaces.

The experiences of these high-caliber players are valuable for beginners to consider when choosing a racket.

Some common pros and cons mentioned by users and experts include:


  1. Power: The Babolat Pure Drive is well-known for its explosive power, allowing beginners to generate more depth on their shots without exerting as much effort.
  2. Spin potential: The racket's string pattern and overall design promote spin generation, making it easier for players to control the ball and hit with consistency.
  3. Forgiving sweet spot: A large sweet spot provides a more forgiving response on off-center hits, ideal for beginners who are developing their accuracy and ball-striking skills.


  1. Control: Due to its power-oriented nature, some players may find it more challenging to control their shots, especially during high-speed rallies.
  2. Feel: Some advanced players might prefer a more touch-oriented racket with a softer feel. However, beginners might not be as sensitive to this aspect as they are still learning to hone their skills.

In summary, the Babolat Pure Drive's popularity among professional players such as Garbiñe Muguruza and Fabio Fognini speaks to its solid performance and reputation. With its combination of power, spin, and a forgiving sweet spot, it can be a suitable option for beginners looking to improve their game.


The Babolat Pure Drive is a versatile tennis racket suitable for players of varying skill levels, including beginners. With its 100 square inch head size, it provides an ample sweet spot for novice players who need a more forgiving racket.

The racket also maintains a balance between power and control, which helps beginners develop their skills while still offering advantages to more advanced players.

Players transitioning from a beginner to an intermediate level will find the Babolat Pure Drive to be an excellent choice, as it can adapt to their growing abilities. The racket's 11.2 oz strung weight and 320 swingweight allow for increased stability and maneuverability, making it an excellent companion for refining volleys and groundstrokes.

In addition, the Babolat Pure Drive offers other variations, such as the Pure Drive 110, which provides extra power and an even larger sweet spot, making it an ideal option for those who require more assistance during gameplay. Ultimately, the Babolat Pure Drive line caters to a wide range of players and preferences.

In summary, the Babolat Pure Drive is an excellent choice for beginners looking to improve their tennis game. With the variety of models and sizes available, players can find the perfect match for their needs and preferences. The versatility and adaptability of the Pure Drive make it a valuable investment for players as they progress and develop their skills on the court.

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes the Babolat Pure Drive suitable for beginners?

The Babolat Pure Drive is suitable for beginners due to its 100 square inch head size, offering a generous sweet spot for more forgiving shots. Its 11.2 oz strung weight and 4 pt HL balance provide a good combination of power and control, making it easier for new players to maneuver the racket.

Additionally, the stiffness of 71 ensures stability, allowing beginners to develop their skills and improve their technique quickly.

How does Babolat Pure Drive compare to other beginner rackets?

Compared to other beginner rackets, the Babolat Pure Drive offers a good balance of power, control, and spin. It's considered a versatile racket, suitable for a variety of playing styles, which is advantageous for beginners as they discover their strengths and preferences on the court.

While some beginner rackets may emphasize more on control or power, the Pure Drive allows new players to experience a well-rounded performance.

Is the Babolat Pure Drive 110 better for beginners?

The Babolat Pure Drive 110 is designed with a slightly larger head size and lighter weight than the standard Pure Drive, making it more user-friendly for beginners. The larger head size offers a more forgiving sweet spot, while the lighter weight enables easier racket maneuverability.

However, beginners should try out both versions to determine which one feels more comfortable and suits their playing style better.

How does the Babolat Pure Aero differ from the Pure Drive for a beginner?

While both the Babolat Pure Aero and Pure Drive are suitable for beginners, there are some differences between these two rackets.

The Pure Aero is designed to maximize spin, with a more aerodynamic frame and an open string pattern. On the other hand, the Pure Drive offers a more balanced approach between power, control, and spin. As a beginner, it's essential to test both rackets to determine which one feels more comfortable and aligns better with personal preferences.

How to choose the right Babolat racket as a beginner?

To choose the right Babolat racket as a beginner, follow these steps:

  1. Determine your preferred playing style: power, control, spin, or a combination.
  2. Research the different Babolat racket lines (Pure Drive, Pure Aero, Pure Strike, etc.) and their characteristics.
  3. Visit a local tennis shop or demo day to try out the rackets on your shortlist.
  4. Focus on the racket's weight, head size, and balance to find the one that suits your level of skill and comfort.
  5. Consult with a coach or experienced players for additional guidance and recommendations.

By following these steps, beginners can find a suitable Babolat racket that matches their playing style and helps them improve their skills on the tennis court.

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