What Is Babolat? (Brand & Products Explained)

20 June 2023

Babolat is a French tennis, badminton, and padel equipment company best known for its high-quality strings and tennis rackets, which are used by professional and recreational players worldwide. Founded in 1875 in Lyon, France, Babolat is the oldest racket sports company globally. The brand has been innovating since its inception when Pierre Babolat created the first tennis strings made of natural gut.

Over the years, Babolat has become synonymous with innovation and quality, cementing its position as a top tennis racket brand. Some of the sport's most reputable players, such as Rafael Nadal and Garbine Muguruza, have achieved great success using Babolat tennis equipment.

In addition to its presence in professional tennis, Babolat has expanded its offerings to other racket sports, including badminton and padel, broadening its reach and solidifying its status as a leading sporting goods company.

Key takeaways:

  • Babolat is a renowned French company specializing in tennis, badminton, and padel equipment.
  • Founded in 1875, Babolat has been at the forefront of innovation in racket sports for over a century.
  • The brand is a top choice for many professional and recreational players due to its high-quality products and strong presence in the tennis world.

History of Babolat

Pierre Babolat:

Babolat is a company from France, known for its tennis, badminton, and padel equipment, founded by Pierre Babolat in 1875 in Lyon.

Pierre invented the first strings made of natural gut, which was well-suited for racket sports as they were flexible, durable, and provided an amazing feel. Over the years, Babolat's expertise in string manufacturing has placed them as a leader in the market.

Innovation and growth:

In the early years, Babolat's focus was on providing strings to top sports brands in France. However, the company eventually expanded its product range beyond strings.

They introduced their first range of tennis rackets in 1994, which quickly gained popularity among professional and recreational players worldwide.

Innovation has been a key aspect of Babolat's success, as it pushes boundaries and develops new technologies to enhance player performance. For example, they introduced popular racket lines such as the "Pure Drive" and "Pure Aero," which have become the choice for many world-class athletes.

Babolat's growth is also attributed to its strategic partnerships and sponsorships. They have worked with several top tennis players, such as Rafael Nadal, Carlos Alcaraz, and Caroline Wozniacki, who have used and endorsed Babolat products throughout their careers.

This visibility has helped to further establish Babolat as a top brand in the racket sports industry.

The company remains committed to quality and sustainability in its production processes, ensuring that its products maintain a high standard and contribute to environmental protection. Babolat has solidified its presence in the sports world, not just in France, but globally.

Babolat in Professional Tennis

Babolat has a rich history in professional tennis, with many top players endorsing their products and representing the brand on the sport's biggest stages.


Rafael Nadal playing at the Olympics

Babolat has been the choice of numerous tennis legends and professionals throughout the years. One of the most notable endorsers is Rafael Nadal, who has had immense success on the professional tour, securing numerous Grand Slam titles with his Babolat racket.

Other players that have found success with Babolat equipment include Andy Roddick, Arthur Ashe, Martina Navratilova, and Jimmy Connors. These champions have showcased the quality and consistency of Babolat rackets and contributed to the company's reputation as a top choice for tennis professionals.


In addition to individual player endorsements, Babolat has played a significant role in sponsoring major tennis events.

The company has been a long-time sponsor of the French Open, providing the official rackets, balls, and stringing services for the prestigious Grand Slam tournament. Beyond Grand Slam events, Babolat also sponsors other tennis tournaments on the professional tour, showcasing their commitment to supporting the sport at all levels.

The consistent success of Babolat rackets in the hands of tennis greats cements the company's place in professional tennis as a top choice for equipment and sponsorship opportunities.

By forging a strong connection with the sport and its players, Babolat has positioned itself as a leader and trusted partner in the world of tennis.

Tennis Equipment


Old Babolat Pure Drive

Babolat, a French tennis, badminton, and padel equipment company, is known for developing high-quality tennis rackets suitable for various skill levels of players.

Their rackets are recognized by the trademark double stripes on the racket. They are designed to provide a well-balanced blend of spin, power, and maneuverability, making them an appealing choice for a wide range of tennis enthusiasts. Most Babolat rackets are made in China and Thailand.

Many professional and recreational players worldwide prefer Babolat because of its three distinct tennis racket lines. Each racket line caters to different player needs, allowing them to effectively enhance their court performance.


Babolat has a long history in string production, starting in 1875 when Pierre Babolat created the first natural gut strings.

Today, the company still focuses on producing high-quality strings for tennis rackets. They offer an array of different string types and materials, such as natural gut, synthetic gut, polyester, and multifilament strings. Babolat's most famous string is Babolat RPM Blast.

These various types of strings cater to different playstyles and preferences like power, control, or tension maintaining properties, enabling players to customize their strings according to their game requirements.


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In addition to rackets and strings, Babolat also manufactures tennis balls that provide optimal bounce, durability, and playability. They offer different types of tennis balls, such as the championship, all-court, and high-altitude balls. Babolat tennis balls are crafted to suit different court surfaces and climatic conditions.

Babolat tennis balls meet the needs of both professional players and recreational enthusiasts, ensuring they have a consistent and reliable ball to use during practice or matches.


Babolat tennis bag

Babolat's equipment bags are designed to make it easy for tennis players to transport their gear and keep it organized. Their bags come in various sizes, accommodating individual players or even entire teams.

Babolat offers racket bags, backpacks, and travel bags, all tailored to meet the needs of tennis players.

By combining functionality and style, Babolat bags ensure that players have an efficient way of transporting and protecting their valuable tennis equipment while also making a statement on the court.

Popular Racket Series

Pure Drive:

Babolat Pure Drive 98

The Babolat Pure Drive series offers a unique combination of power and spin. Designed to generate more power with less effort, these rackets are ideal for versatile players seeking versatility and aggressive play.

The innovative FSI Power technology allows for enhanced energy transfer between the strings, resulting in greater performance for players at all skill levels.

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Pure Aero:

Babolat Pure Aero 98

Pure Aero rackets are designed for spin-heavy play styles. Endorsed by Rafael Nadal, these rackets provide impressive spin and speed, while maintaining a high level of responsiveness and control.

The aerodynamic design of the frame increases swing speed, enabling players to put more spin on the ball. Pure Aero is perfect for modern, aggressive players looking to dominate with spin and pace.

Pure Strike:

Babolat Pure Strike 16/19

The Pure Strike series offers ultimate control and stability for aggressive players. With a precision-oriented design, Pure Strike rackets deliver exceptional feel and accuracy on every shot.

Specifically designed for advanced players, this series is ideal for those who prioritize precision and control during high-intensity matches.


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Other Racket Sports

Besides tennis, Babolat is also a renowned provider of equipment for other popular racket sports, expanding its reach to a worldwide audience of players and enthusiasts.


Babolat is a trusted name in the world of badminton, offering a variety of high-quality rackets suited for players at different skill levels. The brand has introduced innovative technologies in its badminton rackets, allowing for better control, power, and agility.

Babolat is not only a popular choice for recreational players but also for professionals in Europe, United States, and Japan.


In recent years, the sport of padel has gained increased popularity, especially in Europe. Babolat has seized this opportunity and is now a major player in the padel equipment market. The company offers a range of padel rackets with unique designs and advanced technologies, ensuring optimal performance for both beginners and advanced players.

As a result, Babolat has contributed to the growth of padel across the globe, reaching players in countries like Spain, United States, and Japan.


Although Babolat's primary focus has been on tennis, badminton, and padel, the company also has a presence in the world of squash. Babolat provides squash players with top-quality rackets and accessories that cater to their specific needs.

The brand ensures its products are designed with the latest technologies, enabling squash players to excel in their game and enjoy their racquet sports experience.

In conclusion, Babolat has made a significant impact on the world of racket sports by providing state-of-the-art equipment for not only tennis but also badminton, padel, and squash. The company continues to innovate and cater to the specific needs of players worldwide, allowing them to enjoy their sport and improve their performance.

Babolat vs Competitors


Babolat and Wilson are two renowned tennis racquet brands, each with a rich history and a large market presence. Wilson is known for its Pro Staff series, endorsed by legendary players like Roger Federer and Pete Sampras.

Wilson rackets, especially the Pro Staff series, offer a classic feel and exceptional control. However, compared to Babolat, Wilson rackets may cater more to advanced players who prefer precision and feel over power.


Yonex is another strong competitor in the tennis racket industry, known for its Japanese craftsmanship and isometric head shape that provides a larger sweet spot. Yonex rackets excel in generating spin and control and are popular among professional players like Naomi Osaka and Stan Wawrinka.

Compared to Babolat, Yonex may be more suitable for passionate tennis players looking for high performance and customization in their rackets.


Dunlop rackets have a reputation for reliability and a focus on control-oriented features. Dunlop often incorporates new technologies into its products to help reduce vibration, increase power, and improve stability.

However, Dunlop may lack the wide range of racquet options and extensive player endorsements seen in Babolat.


Head is a reputable tennis racket brand, popular among players like Novak Djokovic and Maria Sharapova. The Head Graphene 360 technology offers enhanced energy transfer for power and spin, while also providing control.

Head offers a variety of racket options, catering to different skill levels and preferences. Babolat and Head share similarities in their pursuit of innovation and range of options to cater to a broad audience of players.

Overall, each of these competitors offers unique features and experiences in their lineup of rackets. Personal preferences and individual playing styles often dictate which brand or model might be most suitable for a player.


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Babolat is a renowned French tennis, badminton, and padel equipment company, notable for its high-quality strings and tennis rackets used by professional and recreational players across the globe. With a rich history dating back to 1875, the company has evolved and expanded its product range to cater to the needs of diverse players.

The brand's popularity can largely be attributed to its commitment to innovation and precision in manufacturing. This has led to Babolat being favored by more experienced players who seek a racket capable of delivering power and accuracy.

However, the company also offers products that cater to beginners and intermediate players.

In comparison to other brands such as Wilson and Yonex, Babolat stands out due to its distinctive design and successful track record in the professional tennis circuit. In fact, many iconic professional players choose Babolat tennis rackets for their performance on the court.

To summarize, Babolat has cemented its reputation as a top tennis brand through its history of innovation, commitment to quality, and strong presence in professional tennis. This has made it a popular choice for players of all skill levels who value performance and reliability in their equipment.

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