Who Uses Babolat Pure Strike? (All Players Revealed)

26 June 2023

The Babolat Pure Strike tennis racket has attracted the attention of players both at professional and amateur levels, known for delivering power and precision in every shot. This versatile racket appeals to a wide range of players who crave the ability to hit the ball hard with full confidence.

In this article, we will explore some of the professional players who have chosen the Babolat Pure Strike as their weapon of choice on the court.

As a brand, Babolat has always been synonymous with quality and innovation in the world of tennis. The Pure Strike is no exception, as it not only offers sharp control and exceptional feel, but its sleek design makes it a popular choice for style-conscious players.

Some players have even managed to make this racket more arm-friendly by selecting softer strings and opting for a lower string tension, further contributing to its appeal among players of various skill levels and preferences.

Babolat Pure Strike: An Overview

The Babolat Pure Strike tennis racket is a popular choice among professional and club players alike. Known for its precise control, power, and exceptional feel, this racket has garnered a devoted following.

Designed for performance-driven offensive players, the Pure Strike enables users to confidently hit the ball with greater accuracy.

Constructed with innovative technology, the Pure Strike is an ideal option for those seeking both control and power in their game.

Some of its notable features include:

  • X-SIDER: Strategically placed slots in the frame that result in a larger, more forgiving sweet spot when hitting the ball outside the center of the strings.
  • STABILIZER TECHNOLOGY: This provides enhanced torsional stability and responsiveness, allowing players to generate greater power without sacrificing control.

Several professional players, such as Dominic Thiem, Cameron Norrie, and Anett Kontaveit, have opted for the Pure Strike collection—which also comprises bags and backpacks—in their tennis careers.

The Pure Strike tennis racket is available in various configurations, such as:

  1. Different head sizes
  2. Multiple string patterns
  3. Various weights and balances

These options enable players to personalize their racquet setup to suit their individual playing styles and preferences.

Despite its many features that cater to modern tennis players, the Babolat Pure Strike still retains a nod to traditional flair. Its stylish design and performance capabilities make it a formidable choice for those looking to excel in their tennis game.

As we delve further into the world of tennis rackets and their associated technologies, the Pure Strike remains an impressive force in the market.

Popular Players Using Babolat Pure Strike

The Babolat Pure Strike racket is a popular choice among professional tennis players for its precision, control, and exceptional feel. This section will discuss some prominent ATP and WTA players who have found success with the Babolat Pure Strike.

ATP Players:

Dominic Thiem

Dominic Thiem:

A notable ATP player who uses the Babolat Pure Strike is Dominic Thiem. Thiem, an Austrian tennis professional, has been successful on various surfaces and has made a name for himself with his aggressive playing style. The precision and control provided by the Pure Strike have certainly contributed to his success on the court.

He started playing tennis at a very young age and turned professional in 2011. Thiem has been ranked as high as world No. 3 in singles by the Association of Tennis Professionals (ATP), which he first achieved in March 2020.

Thiem has won 17 professional titles, including one Grand Slam, the 2020 US Open, where he defeated Germany's Alexander Zverev in a five-set thriller. He has finished runner-up in three major Finals; twice at the French Open and in 2020 at the Australian Open.

Thiem is known for his powerful groundstrokes and his ability to play on all surfaces. He is also known for his fitness and endurance on the court. He is currently using the Babolat Pure Strike, which is customized to his desired specifications.

Cameron Norrie

Cameron Norrie:

Another ATP player who has chosen the Babolat Pure Strike is Cameron Norrie. The British tennis professional has been steadily climbing the ATP rankings, showcasing his solid technique and versatile playing style. The Pure Strike has played a role in enhancing his performance and supporting his growth as a player.

He started playing tennis at a young age and turned professional in 2017. Norrie has been ranked as high as world No. 23 in singles by the Association of Tennis Professionals (ATP), which he first achieved in February 2021.

Norrie has won one ATP title and has reached the finals of three others. He has also represented Great Britain in the Davis Cup and the ATP Cup. In 2021, Norrie won 38 matches, which was the most by any player on the ATP Tour that year.

WTA Players:

Anett Kontaveit

Anett Kontaveit:

On the WTA tour, Anett Kontaveit is a well-known user of the Babolat Pure Strike. The Estonian tennis professional has found great success on both hard and clay courts. The racket provides her with the control and precision she needs to hit powerful shots and excel in intense matches.

She turned pro in 2012 and has achieved a career-high singles ranking of world No. 2 in June 2022, making her the highest-ranked Estonian player in history. Kontaveit has won four WTA titles and has reached the quarterfinals or better at all four Grand Slam tournaments. She also finished as the runner-up at the 2021 WTA Finals and has represented Estonia in the Fed Cup.

Kontaveit is known for her aggressive baseline game and her ability to hit powerful groundstrokes from both wings. She is also a solid server and has good movement on the court. Anett Kontaveit uses a Babolat Pure Strike, which is customized to her desired specifications.

Alize Cornet

Alizé Cornet:

Another WTA player who trusts the Babolat Pure Strike is Alizé Cornet. The French tennis professional has been a constant presence in the WTA rankings, thanks to her consistent performance and adaptability on various court surfaces.

Cornet has undoubtedly benefited from the qualities of the Pure Strike racket in terms of control and precision.

In summary, the Babolat Pure Strike has proven to be a popular and reliable choice among professional tennis players, including Dominic Thiem, Cameron Norrie, Anett Kontaveit, and Alizé Cornet. As the sport of tennis continues to evolve, it will be interesting to see how these players and others continue to excel using the Babolat Pure Strike.


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The Babolat Pure Strike is a popular tennis racket among various players due to its blend of power, spin, and control. Professional players such as Dominic Thiem have been known to use this racket, further solidifying its reputation in the tennis world.

Aside from professionals, the Babolat Pure Strike also appeals to advanced club players. The racket caters to players with a fast swing style, allowing them to take advantage of its performance and strike each ball efficiently.

In summary, the Babolat Pure Strike is a versatile choice suitable for both professional and advanced club players. This tennis racket offers an ideal balance between power, spin, and control that can accommodate various play styles. Players can confidently approach the game with this racket, knowing that it's supported by a knowledgeable and reputable brand.

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